August 9, 2011

´╗┐ This is the revised document from our final face-to-face meeting on August 9, 2011. It has been formatted and is ready for your review.

Praxis 2 Music Content released items Use this link to view released items from the Music Content Praxis 2 test.

These are the current music program standards that are undergoing revision.

July 12, 2011
Therese modified the document from 7/12, fixed the numbering and made adjustments as necessary to be ready for Tuesday, August 9. Thank you, Therese!

This document reflects music edits from 7/12/11. The group got through all the standards for a first go-around of revisions. If you open the document and save it to your computer, then select "accept changes" from the editing toolbar, it may be more readable.

Still need to consider:
  • P21 skills alignment. Do we need to make adjustments to the revised language or add anything to better align with the P21 Skills Map (see research page for a link to P21 Skills Map)
  • Technolgy--Do the revised standards address technology adequately?
  • Lesson planning & curriculum design--same question. Do the revised standards adequately address lesson planning and curriculum design specifically for music?
  • Copyright issues--this was brought up during our first meeting. Do the revised standards need to address issues of copyright? If so, how might that be achieved? Where would it fit? Theatre is investigating this issue, too.
  • Making sure the standards cover competency-based assessment and instruction in theory and practice

This document reflects music revisions discussed at the 6/28 meeting.