This page is where we will share work related to the revision of the PE Program Standards.

Professional Ed Requirements--for all teachers and all content areas. We are to stay away from redundancies between the standards in this document and the specific PE content standards. When you read through this set of standards, take note of (b). Our job is to fill out what is expected of teacher candidates under (b) for physical education.

(b) In the area of content:
(1) Content knowledge, as demonstrated by:
a. An understanding of the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structure of his or her discipline(s); and
b. An ability to create learning experiences that make the discipline(s) accessible and meaningful for learners; and
(2) Innovative applications of content, as demonstrated by an understanding of how to connect concepts and use differing perspectives to engage learners in critical and creative thinking and collaborative problem-solving related to authentic local and global issues;

This is the current set of standards--what we are updating. The categories have changed, but it's always helpful to have a historical context.

In case you were curious about what comes between 612.10 and 612.21--this is it.

Here is an example of content standards approved by the Professional Standards Board for visual art in 2012.