2012 Visual Arts Research Highlights

Plymouth State University Art Education BS Matrix

A very useful matrix that cross-references NASAD, Ed612, ED610 and othe PSU specific requirements.

NASAD-National Association of Schools of Art and Design

Accreditation Standards Handbook

National Associaiton of Schools of Art and Design
Art Teacher Ed Standards

New and relevant College Board research available at:


Check this out: Arts Education Partnership Policy Database:

This is a sortable database that state agencies populate with policies from their states. I did a sort on certification requriements. Hightlight the address above and copy it into your browser. I need to repair the hot link.

P21 Arts Map:


A 2011 report issued from the College Board:

Report is a survey of the arts education student standards and practices of fourteen countries and regions. This report is prepared by the CB for the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) http://nccas.wikispaces.com/.
The US national standards are included in this final version of the document.

2011 Music and Theatre Research

Here's a presentation PowerPoint from Dave regarding his music research.
This will get you to Dave Bresnahan's research on "Characteristics of Successful Teaching." This research is well worth taking the time to review as it directly informs the work we are doing with standards revision. Thank you, Dave!

The College Board is currently performing a gap analysis between the 1994 national arts standards and the P21 skills map. This study is due to be released the end of July. Marcia will post it when it comes out.

Here are two items from Fran related to technology for music education and multicultural curriculum in music.