Welcome to the resources and tools page for the survey. You will find a rational memo, the user's guide, a glossary of terms document, and a PDF of the questionnaire.

  • Share this rational memo with your supervisor if you need to get permission to participate in this project.

  • The user's guide describes the historical context of the project and explains how the online collection system works (how to save your response, how to move forward and backward in the system, what to be forewarned about with the system).

  • The glossary of terms allows all end users to interpret terms within the survey the same. Same interpretation of key terms allows for greater validity for results.

  • You may want to consider using the word doc version of the questionnaire to gather your responses prior to entering the information into the online collection system. Make a hard copy, use it as your draft copy to record your responses, and then transfer your responses to the online system. If you type your responses to the open ended questions into the word document, you should be able to copy and then paste the response into the online system. This also means you will have a copy of your responses saved in your files.

Work on this:
  • To access the survey link, check your emails for your own personal link to your survey tool.
    The “save and continue later”button takes you to another page where you may select to A) bookmark the page you are on or B) have a link sent to your email. Continue by going back to this link/page.