Ellie Riel, administrator support, had made everyone on the Visual Arts Committee that was at the June 27, 2012 meeting their own travel documents. We will have copies for you to sign at every meeting. If you want to do your own, you may do so using this form. However, you really don't need to since Ellie has done this for you. Thank you, Ellie.

If you were not at the first meeting, to do your own tavel form you can download a copy and customize it with your personal information. If you save your customized form in your files, you won't have to recreate it every time. Fill it out with the correct date, make a copy, and bring it to the meeting to turn it in. Be sure to sign the bottom with black ink (no colors by order of the business office). The first page of the file has instructions for filing out the form.

Vendor Code Sign Up this is where you can sign up for a vendor code. Once you get a reply email with your vendor code, forward that to me (mmccaffrey@ed.state.nh.us). You need this for submitting your milage reimbursement form.