December 11, 2012

Here is the PowerPoint I used for the Professional Standards Board presentation.

November 28, 2012

Draft 1, compiled version ready for review. To add your response to this document, use the "discussion post" button on the upper right side of this page directly above this entry. The icon looks like a thought-cloud. Once there, select VA draft one, and add your response. I think this will work and everyone should be able to see all the comments.

August 14, 2012

The History, Culture, and Connections committee will continue to work via email to finish up this section. We will take a closer look beginning in September. This gives everyone a chance to get their academic year started and close out summer without this added work. Come mid-September, we will share what we've developed with the entire committee.

Alana will work on a side-by-side of our revised standards with Ed 609/610. This will be a good cross-reference piece for our work. Alana and Marcia will work on format and flow for the entire document. This will be shared with the full committee when ready, probably late September.

Thank you all for your enormous contribution to this important work. Your time and expertise have made the experience meaningful and fun. Pam, the cukes have been scooped up like hotcakes around here. Everyone have an excellent end of summer and successful start to a new academic year. Marcia

Below is the work to date:



History, Culture, Connections

Please see the work from prior meetings below.

Regarding organization, think about Content Knowledge and Pedagogy as the two topical headers. Under Content Knowledge, consider how we might organize using Creating, Presenting, Responding, Connecting as big topic ideas.

August 7, 2012

Today we voted to maintain the K-12 certification and decided not to break it into other options. The committee engaged in one last conversation about this before coming to consensus.


History, Culture, Connections


In the document below, the red letters mean the group is recommending the words be removed from the entire document; the yellow highlights are major wording changes or major additions; the light gray words are those being eliminated from this section. I don't know why the document download came out funky, but you can still access it. I tried to fix it as an upload several times but it still comes out looking like this. As long as it works...(mmc)

July 24, 2012

Artmaking Group

History, Culture, Connections

Pedagogy Group

Cleaner copy with correct numbering (.pdf):

Word document (.docx) in case anyone wants to download and make edits:

Ed 612.01 Visual Arts Standards

Side-by-side document for capturing edits

Next Meeting: July 24, 2012
NH Dept. of Education
Room 15
This room is not air-conditioned; dress appropriately.

Question to ponder:
Should the visual arts certification remain K-12? If not, what configuration (e.g. grade break-down) would you propose and why?
We spent the last 1/2 hour of the first meeting considering this question. Please go to the Research page on this site to view the Arts Education Partnership policy database showing how other states issue their certification.

June 26, 2012


Notes from the first meeting will be posted.

Visual Arts Program Standards--current version
These are the standards that we are revising and updating.